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Tex-Mex Mexican Style Rice with Corn and Black Beans

Now this dish is a prime example of a dish where you can turn the heat up or down to your liking although as a general rule Tex-Mex tends to bring the heat to the table so to speak that doesn’t mean you have to have the fire department on speed dial if you’re not a fan of loads of heat. This dish is very nice on its own with the combination of the fiesta corn and black beans added into the rice along with the salsa you pick.

I personal have always liked corn and rice together and this recipe the fiesta corn adds an extra dimension but on the list of substitutions feel free to switch it out for whole kernel corn it will mellow the heat a bit further if you are looking to tame this on the heat department. The big choice is what you use for your chili powder as you’ll see it can deliver eye burning heat or actually be almost toward the sweet side this is a wonderful way to turn the heat up and down to your liking.

Also the salsa recipe you decide on will have a bearing on heat some salsas are very spice while others are really tame. I would suggest a pure tomato based salsa and not one with fruit. I looked at the commercial salsas and although I do like Newman’s Own it is just too expensive on Amazon so if you have a commercial brand you like check your local store although stay away from the big name ones they tend to have way to much salt and you don’t want to introduce a lot of sodium into this recipe and in fact may wish to use a low sodium version of the beans instead. Continue reading

Easy Mexican Cornbread Recipe

This Mexican cornbread recipe is easy to follow and results in a sweet, cheesy loaf. This popular Mexican dessert recipe gets its name from the cornmeal used in the recipe. Mexican cornbread is thought to predate the arrival of European settlers in North America and is still served up at mealtimes in many Mexican households.

There are many different recipes for easy Mexican cornbread, each with slightly different ingredients, but they all contain the staples of cornmeal, eggs, milk, and cooking oil. Onions, cheese, sugar, and pepper are used in some Mexican cornbread recipes. Mexican cornbread can be used as part of a recipe, such as for cornbread casserole but it is equally delicious served alone.

You might have used an instant mix for making cornbread before and a lot of people use those because they are so convenient, but you are really missing out on the charm and goodness of homemade cornbread if you use something like that. Take the following recipe, for example. All you need are a few ingredients, many or all of which you will already have, and a cast iron skillet to make the cornbread in. The recipe is typically Mexican and you will love the flavor as well as the soft, fluffy texture of your homemade cornbread. You will be pleased to see the recipe is really easy too and you only need to follow a few steps to make the cornbread from scratch. Continue reading

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Home cooks just starting out with Mexican cooking tend to be surprised how much of the emphasis is placed on using fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices. Forget the typical ideas about Mexican food being all beans, cheese and beef (that applies a little more to Tex-Mex), take inspiration from authentic Mexican dishes based on fresh ingredients, and inject all your passion into cooking South of the border food, for perfect results every time.

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