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Mexicali Margarita Quesadilla

Quesadillas don’t always have to have one, meat and two, be heavy. This Mexicali recipe is the perfect hot weather or light lunchtime meal it is kind of like a BLT in fact knowing me I am surprised I didn’t put bacon in it. Not this time although I think bacon makes pretty much everything better. Well this time I restrained myself and held back for one big reason I did not want to offend a whole nation and culture by polluting their beloved Margarita pizza recipe with extra ingredients even if in retrospect it might be a new idea down the line.

I had given you a couple of Mexicali taco recipes to get this category rolling and it was starting to seem like taco night so I wanted a fresh take on today’s recipe and this one seemed to fit the bill very nicely. It is not a typical quesadilla and is more like an open-ended wrap so don’t cook these long just a bit of crispness you are looking for an almost uncooked tortilla type of presentation as the fresh ingredients do well in their natural state so no need to cook this to death and try and melt the cheese like in a normal quesadilla.

So in that respect it is more like a BLT sandwich with the bread just lightly grilled and the inside nice and cool and fresh tasting. Mhh the idea of that BLT quesadilla keeps surfacing now I’m thinking lettuce might have been nice but no bacon, no lettuce the tomatoes get plenty of good stuff in the form of the basil and the cheese. Now I say use feta or goat it is really a preference goat would be good for people with lactose issues so there is that point otherwise it is merely a matter of taste. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Vegetarian Harvest Quesadilla with Cheese

If you love Tex-Mex cuisine and are a vegetarian there are not a lot of option out there for you as it normal has meat in it in one form or another and in Fact dishes like Texas chili are usually void of beans and mainly meat. This doesn’t mean we can’t create a new area of food based on the needs of vegetarians to have dishes that are meatless yet pack that signature Tex-Mex heat that these dishes are known for.

In the following recipe I blend a common group of vegetarian ingredients together and then suggest a few ways to pump up the heat to whatever level you like. Just as a group of you have had to live without Tex-Mex because of the meat doesn’t mean others of you should have to miss out because of too much heat either. Feel free to make each one personalized to who will eat its love of spice.

This is a great way to do quesadillas as each person will end up with one that makes them happy instead of making one dish fit all which rarely ever works out because in any group or family there are different levels or tolerances to spice and just because one person likes it like dragon fire and another likes it mellow doesn’t mean they should have to miss out. Continue reading

Caviar Been Dip Texas Style

I suppose if you wanted to you could call this a black bean and corn salsa it is kind is similar to a lot of salsa recipes using those ingredients but not too many salsa I am familiar with use Italian dressing in them so that and of itself separates it from the many different salsa recipes featuring these ingredients. It has all the makings of a typical Tex-Mex recipe one thing and feel free to tweak this is Texas Caviar as it is know is missing the typical Tex-Mex signature heat. Now like I said feel free to introduce it to as much heat as you like. It can be brought into the recipe through the use of any number of chilies to whatever heat level you like just dice them up mix them in and make sure to let it all meld in the fridge for a while and voila.

Now if you have kids you may want to separate out the part with the fire first as the kids will like the milder version I am hankering a guess at it. Yes a Yankee using hankering (shhh I was country when it wasn’t cool) so there. See I told you food brings us all a bit closer even my drawl is showing. All kidding aside it is funny I was having a conversation with one of my staff about a similar issue on my British food site see I have long held the notion that America and the UK are only a language apart as I discovered in trying to put a name to a very common British Dessert but that is a story for a different site.

As for this recipe I give you all you need to make it total yours from the ingredients to blend to the homemade Italian dressing that you can use with it you can be lazy and use your favorite store bought Italian dressing it will save a bit of time in the preparation but you know my feeling in general about homemade and fresh vs. store bought chemicals your choice I understand some of you have lives. Now I also give a few optional ingredients these are totally personal choices and there is definitely more than one way to make Texas Caviar recipes and this is just my take on this very popular dish. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Refried Beans with Cheese

I know you can get refried beans in a can but they are loaded with stuff I’m sure you can’t even pronounce let alone name. Also did you know it is really easy to make your own without all those chemicals in them that taste so much better? In this recipe I use the crockpot – mommy’s little helper and you know I love giving you recipes that are as easy to make as they are good tasting. Now many recipes out there use water to cook their beans in but in this recipe I use a combination of vegetable broth and Mexican beer to impart the beans with loads of flavor that plain water cannot do.

It is an old trick used in the cooking of rice especial Spanish and Italian rice dishes like paella and risotto. These dishes take on a lot of flavor from the liquid they are cooked in and I wanted my beans to be vegetarian friendly so the vegetable broth. If that isn’t important to you, you could use beef or chicken broth for a different flavor. Either will work but I wanted to stick to vegetable. Also I use Mexican beer for a distinct Mexican flavor just remember to use a good quality one you enjoy drinking so there will be no waste. I used Corona in mine but you can use any Mexican beer you like.

Many Tex-Mex and Mexican dishes are often served with Mexican rice and refried beans to balance them out and make the meal more filling. You can serve this up with rice if you like and any Mexican or Tex-Mex dish you happen to like it is very versatile. That is the beauty of refried beans they are a natural side dish to so many Mexican entrees you will not have a hard time deciding to serve these with it more so what to serve it with. Continue reading

Tex-Mex Crockpot Vegetarian Quinoa Lentil Chili

As a vegetarian it is important to incorporate lentils and legumes into your diet so you still get plenty of protein to keep the carbohydrates in balance. And sometimes it may seem hard to figure out ways to accomplish this and still stay true to your choice to go meatless. This choice however doesn’t mean you are stuck with bland tasteless dishes as you will see in the following recipe we go vegetarian for the night and still serve up a dish that my house of men can get behind and not leave them wondering what mom is trying to pull on them.

As a mother I am always trying to make sure my guys get exposed to many different foods and other possibilities as guys can get a little stuck in the basic pizza and burger mode and forget the fact that diet needs to be balanced. So one of the things I am always on the lookout for is recipes that are going to satisfy their need for meat with my need to get them to eat balanced.

One of the ways I do that is through using bold and tasty recipes that you do not even miss the meat in. This is such a recipe. If you have that challenge in your home try using this one on them as a defense and see what I mean. I mean my guys love Mexican food and usually that means meat to them but this chili is so nicely blended with so many different taste that it is welcome even meatless. Continue reading

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