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Cinco de Mayo Gourmet Mexican Salad Platter

Whether you are looking for one appetizer dish everyone can dig into or a main dish everyone can share with some bread or tortillas on the side, this one ticks all the boxes. Boasting a corn chip and salad leaf base, and topped with all kinds of goodies from chipotle-lime chicken to black beans, red onion, olives, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and anything else you spot in the refrigerator and want to add, this is a colorful salad which is appealing to the eye and also packed with nutritional value. You can prepare the dressing ahead and assemble this salad in just 15 minutes.

One reason we are suggesting this for your Cinco de Mayo party is how easy it is to prepare. You can prepare the dressing and the salad ahead. Just keep them separate and refrigerated, then you can concentrate on welcoming all your guests and ensuring the drinks are flowing and the music is playing. When everyone is starting to get hungry, you can bring this platter of goodies to the table, give everyone a plate and some cutlery and let them get on with it, helping themselves to whatever on the platter happens to catch their eye.

There is something for everyone here, even the kids. The dressing is especially good and is a blend of buttermilk, Greek yogurt and mayonnaise, along with tomatillo, garlic, green onion, jalapeño, cilantro, lime, and cumin. Simply throw all these ingredients into your food processor with a little salt and black pepper for good measure, and press the button. Your dressing will be ready to serve immediately or you can refrigerate it in a covered container for up to 3 days. The flavor is perfect – a combination of creamy, spicy, aromatic, and typically Mexican. Continue reading

12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Doce

Finally, day 12 of our Cinco de Mayo countdown has arrived, and you have had the whole spectrum of Mexican recipe ideas presented to you. Hopefully you found several which whet your appetite or inspired you to find out more. You have less than 24 hours to go before the big day is here, so if there is anything you forgot to get, now is the time to rush out and grab those last-minute party essentials! Perhaps you are making a beef dish which needs the meat to be marinated, in which case start it now so it gets time to become really tender and flavorful.

You will already have your Cinco de Mayo recipes picked out, which is why today we are looking at Mexican seasonings, so you can learn more about what it is that makes Mexican food taste as unique and special as it does. South of the border seasonings range from mild to very spicy, aromatic and delicate to vibrant and bold, and they can be combined in many clever ways. Typical Mexican seasonings include cumin, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, sage, cilantro, and of course you have the whole gamut of fresh, pickled, dried and ground chilies to choose from.

If you are new to Mexican recipes and cooking south of the border dishes, you might like to add a little spice at a time, taste and then add more. Over-seasoning is an easy mistake to make, but remember the seasonings need to complement the ingredients in the dish, not the other way around. A beef dish for example should showcase the beef, not disguise the flavor of it with overpowering flavors. The more Mexican dishes you cook, the better idea you will get about not only quantities but choosing which type of chili, for example, or which seasoning is good with which meat. Continue reading

Black Bean and Avocado Salsa with 2 Kinds of Corn

Salsa is always good, and it is perhaps the quintessential Mexican dip. Not only is salsa a dip of course. It can also be served as a sauce or condiment. There are so many different types to choose from. You will never get bored of salsa recipes because there are so many to choose from. Whatever kind of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, or vegetarian dish you are making, there is definitely a salsa recipe which will match it, perhaps something with mango, pineapple or another fruit, a spicy salsa, a chunky pico de gallo type, or something simple.

The following recipe teams 2 kinds of corn with 2 kinds of onion, adding in black beans, cilantro, bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic and avocado. A little lime juice and extra-virgin olive oil goes into the salsa to finish it off beautifully. This is not a spicy salsa recipe, making it ideal for a crowd-pleaser. Not every is into spicy food, so keep the flavor tasty and mild, and if anyone wants to spice it up they can add their own hot sauce. This recipe makes enough for about 25 servings, so it is ideal if you are having a large gathering and want to serve homemade salsa.

Some people use canned tomatoes in salsa to give it more juice and a softer texture, but while some people really like this twist, others do not, so do whatever you prefer. With the corn and beans, ensure you drain and rinse them before using. For the other ingredients, try to cut the ingredients into a similar-size dice so the ingredients are easier to combine. Served with tortilla chips, corn chips, crackers, or anything else you want to dip, this salsa makes a fragrant, flavorful and colorful appetizer. It would make a great centerpiece. Continue reading

Vegetarian Nachos with Homemade Chips

Nachos are always good whether you have them simply with salsa and cheese, or whether you prefer to pile on the toppings. This recipe is ideal for vegetarians, and depending on portion size it makes a great appetizer, snack or main dish. The recipe serves 2 as a filling meal, or perhaps 4 as an appetizer. We are making our own chips for this recipe but if you are in a rush you can simply use a package of corn chips instead of making your own. You will see they are really easy to make though, so consider doing your own.

Although the ingredients may be tweaked if you prefer other toppings, we are using black beans, cheese, salsa verde, olives, tomato, onion, jalapeño, and cilantro. A little avocado is also nice on these. You will not miss the meat with all these colorful, tasty toppings. If you want to change them though, go for it. You can add any flavorful south of the border toppings. It is best to have some of the toppings on and then bake the nachos until the cheese melts, then add any toppings you do not need to cook (like the avocado and tomato).

This dish is from Coahuila, Mexico, and dates back to 1943. The original recipe was fried corn tortillas with sliced jalapeños and melted cheddar cheese. Today there are many variations. If it goes with chips, you can use it as a nachos topping. Chives, green onions, meat, garlic, pickles, pico de gallo, or refried beans can be added to the toppings, or you might prefer to use nacho cheese, Oaxaca cheese or any shredded cheese blend instead of the Mexican cheese blend. Feel free to add your own interpretation and twist to this dish, to make it perfect for your palate. Continue reading

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