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Mexicali Black Bean Tacos with Two Meats

When I first saw the finial picture for this dish it reminded me of one of those cute mom moments we all have when our children were young (if yours are still are it will happen be patient) and it happened one night when my husband was in the kitchen creating something out of stuff from the pantry and some ground meat we had on hand for a quick dinner for myself and the first two boys. Dakota had to be all of maybe four at the time and little did he know he was about to make family meal time history.

See we had a rule about when myself or dad would create something completely new in the kitchen that the kids got to name it if it was an unkown recipe or dad original which he is known for. Well here’s what went into the soon to be named dish. Some ground meat fried up until browned a jar a salsa, a can of B&M onion and brown sugar baked beans a package of taco seasoning and about half a bunch of celery. Now this dish I will tell you was one of those that taste really great but we all admitted feel short in the looks department.

Now I don’t remember Zak’s name he came up with but Dakota took one look at this and said Yuck before ever even trying it, he did and loved it although it was a bit spice for them and subsequent meals would have kid friendly modifications. Such as losing the salsa and switching to cumin, coriander, and chili powder oh and granulated garlic too. It was so cute when Dakota said Yuck of all the names that meal got that was what stuck. Now imaging me as a mom in the recipe business having to explain that one so the recipe never made it to one of my sites but went on to become a family favorite. I mean those wonderful Mexican spices and with the sweet of the baked beans it was just such a natural pairing. Continue reading

Mexicali Breakfast Burrito Egg and Avocado

I am getting close to the big day and I hope you have been enjoying the twelve days jingle You didn’t jump ahead I hope here is the link for today’s verse “12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Cuatro“. It is a fun little jingle to help get you there and I hope you have been celebrating with the daily recipe suggestion what better way to celebrate the upcoming holiday than through its food. Now of course you can actually serve any Mexican inspired dish there are no set food rules for Cinco de Mayo unlike Thanksgiving it has no special items only served on that day although recipes from the state of Puebla are commonly featured.

If you love Mexican inspired recipes why not try starting your breakfast of with a nice breakfast burrito they are a wonderful way to make a hot breakfast for the family that the kids will love as they are so much fun to eat. This recipe is really straightforward and I do offer some suggestions in both the recipe text and photo description on ways to modify this so please do take the time to ready the whole page it has tidbits of info throughout the whole text.

Sorry about missing yesterday my husband and I take my father-in-law out to the grocery store so he can get out and check out the goodies he is 87 so he lets us do the driving. Whatever the case it ended up being too late by the time we got back to get a quality recipe out to you so this got delayed a day. I will not skimp quality on anything just to say I did sorry not my style. If I can’t do it right I would rather not do it at all and I am particular about my sites I have been in a constant quality improvement program since day one and today’s recipes are a far improvement from where I started I have made little advancements whenever something I thought would improve the sites over time. Continue reading

Mexicali Broiled Sushi Tacos

Now one quick suggestion you may want to double up on the Nori sheets for a bit of strength to your taco shell in this one. If you ask most people where did sushi come from most people will answer simple Japan. Well this recipe may give you a different take on where seafood tacos served in sushi wrappers came from and that question is not as simple to answer. Well this version is my own so I suppose you would have to a say Connecticut but I really was California dreaming on a spring day for this one.

Now a couple thoughts on this recipe before putting it under the broiler you may want to sprinkle some fresh grated parmesan cheese on them is one option or skip the broiling process all together and enjoy these cold they will do fine in either of these two variations. Also don’t overload the Nori sheets with too much filling or you’re going to be picking a lot up with a fork as an afterthought. I like these for a nice summer meal you can cook the seafood and mushrooms the night before and mix it all together and then cover it put it in the fridge and eat it the next day cold on a hot day is lovely.

If you want to fully enjoy the Mexicali experience this is the kind of recipe that will let you discover why California is such an important part of the culinary culture. Now just as Texas influences the way Tex-Mex cuisine is differing yet similar to real Mexican cuisine so is California’s influence on Mexicali cuisine. These two very important states from many perspectives have unique geographical locations and distinct cultural factors that play a large influencing part in how the two cuisines are similar yet in many ways very different from the original Mexican cuisine just like Chinese and Italian chefs and immigrants have been influenced by their immigration into the United States. Continue reading

Mexicali Smooth Guacamole in Glasses with Tomatoes

Yesterday’s nacho recipe got me thinking Mexican inspired appetizers and that usually means one of only a few things in most people’s mind, either salsa or guacamole. Now you could replace the tomatoes in this appetizer with salsa of your choice a tomato based salsa would be a nice replacement. But in this dish I use nice fresh tomatoes to give it a nice cool element which is why I also suggest refrigerating it for a bit before serving to so it has a nice cool element in it although there is not a lot of heat in this one there is a bit from the Chipotle peppers I use in the guacamole.

Now you know I have been focusing on the lead up to the fifth on north of the border cuisine and this is for two parts one I have set out on a one woman crusade (in a good way) to change peoples opinion of the whole north vs. south of the border food debate and set my eyes on showing people that labels are silly good food is just that good food. Well as part of this I have tried to focus on dishes and recipes although distinctly Mexican in feel they are not what you would call traditional or authentic in the more basic of ways but if someone was to put them in a category they would come closes to a real Mexican dish then say any other cuisine type and therefore something of interest to my readers.

Now one of the largest places outside of Texas and Mexico of friendly Mexican inspired cooks would have to be California and Southern California in particular thus hence the name Mexicali. Now when I asked some of my staff and dear friends if they had ever heard of it most had said no and I replied think Tex-Mex only with a California influence just as Tex-Mex is prevalent in Texas so is Mexican inspired cuisine in the Golden State. It only makes sense and to think that these immigrants are any different than the Italian American’s contributions to Italian cuisine or Chinese immigrants contribution to Chinese cuisine why would southern Californian immigrants from the land of Mexico be any different. Continue reading

Mexicali Nachos with Beef and More

I want to start out with a brief note of something I did last year for the buildup of the big fifth of May holiday where I rewrote the words to the famous Christmas jingle the twelve days of Christmas with a distinctly Mexican holiday flare if you missed day one last year you can find it here. Now this is the link to day one you can jump through the full thing or treat yourself to one at a time like I did last year “12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Uno“. Each day is connected to a different recipe so if you want to draw the holiday out for the full twelve days feel free to do so and check back to see what I have add new each day. I know I am a bit behind as I have had some health issue get in the way so sorry.

Also another slight site note I am doing some experimenting with the ad layouts and while most sites are adding more I am actual removing some and playing around with the layout. I am doing this for one important reason – “SPEED” see the sites all of their number one user is me and I spend a load of time on line and if I can speed my sites up I spend less time waiting for loading and thus work more efficiently. Now behind the scenes I already use one of the fastest and most robust servers available which makes our sites speed scores very impressive but I am a geek at heart and speed is something we regularly test for and adjust to squeeze every bit of it out of the sites as we can. Ads are a necessary thing to pay for this but they are also one of the things that slow any sites load time down so removing them is an instant speed gain.

So while others are loading their sites in loads of ads I am doing just the opposite and I hope you like the new layouts. See I am still a user too and I understand none of us likes them but that serve does cost money and my silly kids have this thing about eating sorry I know the nerve of them so please understand I do think of every user and that includes me. As for the upcoming holiday it is the third biggest food day in America only behind Thanksgiving and the Superbowl and to think it is really a Mexican holiday although celebrated more north of the border then south. Maybe they should think of that before anyone decides to build a wall. Continue reading

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