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Pan-Fried Salmon Mexican Style

Salmon is a wonderful fish to work with but make sure you get a good quality piece. This recipe calls for filets not steaks. Choose fresh (not frozen) salmon and pick some filets that are about 1 or 1¼ inch thick. A good indicator of freshness is a bright pink color. Fresh salmon smells like water not like fish. If you are using vacuum-packed fish then use the best before date as a freshness indicator as well as the color.

Salmon can be baked, pan-fried, roasted, grilled, or even cooked in the crockpot. The following recipe uses a skillet and a little oil for a pan-fried result. Pan-frying is a nice cooking method because it is so easy and you can keep an eye on the salmon the whole time. If you wrap it in foil and bake it, you have to open the oven (letting the heat out) and unwrap the salmon to check doneness. With pan-frying you can tell at a glance when it is done, making it a good cooking method for the beginner. Pan-frying is faster too.

Serve the finished salmon with a side salad or with your favorite Mexican vegetable side dish. It would be good with Mexican rice or you can even make a sandwich with the salmon, adding some mayo too. This is quite a spicy recipe so if you prefer your food milder just make sure you scrape out the seeds from the chili (those are the hottest part!) or use ¼ of a chili instead of ½ of one. You can even grind some chili powder over the fish if you do not have a fresh chili pepper. The end result will be very similar. Continue reading

Mexican Flan Recipe

Make Flan the Traditional Mexican Way

Mexican desserts are always a wonderful treat. Making a Mexican flan recipe is a delightful way to top off your Mexican meal. If you want a delicious treat the whole family will enjoy, make this tasty recipe for dessert and watch their eyes light up. Mexican recipes for desserts make a fancy end to your Mexican meal. Everyone loves Mexican food with the spicy taste and richness. To follow such and entrée you have to enjoy a delicious Mexican dessert afterwards, for a real south of the border flavor experience.

One of the most delectable Mexican desserts to choose is the Mexican flan recipe and every Mexican knows this recipe well. Sweet, creamy and so divine, it is almost difficult to describe. After all, how do you describe heaven on your taste buds? Once you try this very easy to prepare Mexican dessert you will understand the delicate flavors infused in this decadent dish. The different ingredients are blended so well it is literally a marriage of flavor in every bite, as well as that delicate creaminess which is so delicious.

Your family will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful Mexican dessert. The next time you make a Mexican dinner at home, be sure to make this Mexican flan to impress everyone after the main dish. It will truly make a beautiful ending to your Mexican dinner which you and your family will not forget. This is a traditional Mexican dish which is well known in every household and it is delightfully simple to prepare too, even if you do not usually make your own desserts from scratch. Just take a look at the following recipe and you will see how easy it is. Continue reading

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“As a native Californian living in Boston I have to fend for myself when it comes to Mexican cuisine. A giant burrito akin to a loaded diaper is what passes as authentic here. I keep a Mexican pantry and primarily cook Mexican food.

I very much enjoy your site but I see no way of printing recipes other than to cut and paste them. Am I missing something?

With out that feature I don’t see myself going to your site as often as I would if I were able to print the recipes like other sites allow.”

Buen Provecho


Thanks for your message. We’re delighted you love the recipes! You will be pleased to know that next week we finally start the long overdue update process where all recipes will have a print function and picture with them, as we switch everything from a micro-formats to micro-data based recipe plugin. This will make the recipes easier to read, ensure each has a photo and also allow you to print any recipe with just one click of a button. Additionally there is a nutritional info button in the sidebar that gives the nutrition info and makes grocery lists, and it also allows you to print them too if you wish.

Mexican Enchiladas Verdes Recipe

An authentic Mexican enchiladas Verdes recipe is the perfect traditional Mexican food to serve with your favorite side dishes. Refried beans, Spanish rice and fresh green salad with cilantro dressing is the perfect dinner when you want traditional Mexican food. An Enchiladas Verdes is perfect for brunches and parties because you can serve a lot of people on a small budget. Make this Enchiladas Verdes recipe for you next Mexican food night.

Mexican Enchiladas Verdes

If you would like to ring in Cinco de Mayo with an authentic flair why not try this amazing Mexican Enchiladas Verdes recipe. Your family will love the little extra time you spent preparing this authentic traditional Mexican recipe. The flavors of the rich spices most often reserved for Mexican foods wafting in your kitchen might even make them think you hired a Mexican cook!

To make this Authentic Mexican Enchiladas Verdes recipe for your family you will need; bone in chicken breast halves, garlic cloves, chicken broth, onion, corn tortillas, salt, cold fresh white cheese (a Mexican un-aged cheese)-not Parmesan, tomatillos-husks removed, Serrano chilies, white onion and fresh cilantro. Continue reading

Papadzules Recipe

Mexican Papadzules Recipe

A papadzules recipe is the perfect Mexican recipe for those times when you want authentic Mexican food. A papadzules recipe is a great way to treat the family with some traditional Mexican recipes that they will love. Most households serve Mexican recipes like this one for dinner because they are cheap and affordable to make. You can fill their bellies without draining your wallets. Make the best ever recipe for papadzules and learn the secrets to real Spanish cooking.

Friends and family will be begging you for your recipe for papadzules. This is a traditional egg and tortilla dish that is very inexpensive to make. Your kids will be begging you to make this recipe after they taste the first bite. Make this recipe for your Mexican breakfast buffet or brunch. Serve it as a dinner recipe or a breakfast recipe. No matter how you love to eat your recipe for papadzules , try making this one for something new.

Eating out gets so expensive but when you can make a authentic Mexican tamale recipe at home you don’t have to spend as much. Eating home allows you to save money and time. You don’t have to worry about gas, traffic and other people upsetting you at the restaurant. Just make this papadzules recipe at home and enjoy all the Mexican food has to offer. Continue reading

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