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12 Days of Cinco de Mayo – Day Cinco

Day five is here, and if you have been following our Cinco de Mayo countdown, you will already have enjoyed our recipes from the previous days. So, what does today have for us? Well, today we are looking at something for those of you with a sweet tooth, namely apple empanadas. Empanadas are a type of Mexican pie, but they are incredibly versatile. You can fill an empanada with pretty much anything you want, whether you want something savory like beef, chicken or cheese, or a sweet filling like apple, berries or even chocolate. This snack is really delicious!

The countdown to Cinco de Mayo is progressing, and we are getting closer to the special date. So what are you doing for Cinco de Mayo in your house? Are you having a party or just cooking up some south of the border treats to surprise the family? Some people love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo every day, while others are new to this Mexican holiday and are just curious exactly what is involved. Well, there are no set foods for Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday celebrating the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, so you can cook whatever you want.

If you are organized you might already have started your Cinco de Mayo shopping list, but if not, there is no time like the present! So what are you going to make? We suggest you come up with a few tasty appetizers, maybe a couple of Mexican salads, and then you might want something crunchy like chimichangas or another kind of finger food, unless you are having a sit-down meal. Do not forget the drinks either – cerveza con limon is a classic choice. Remember you will need desserts or some sweet options at least, and apple empanadas are a great choice for your Cinco de Mayo party.

To make this tasty Mexican snack, you will need a package of frozen dough which you can thaw overnight, along with caramel, lemon and apple to make the filling. These empanadas just need to bake for 15 minutes and then you can serve them with good quality vanilla ice cream (our favorite!) or whipped cream if you prefer. Holy guacamole, these are amazing! Serve these hot or warm, or even chilled if you have some left over that you want to enjoy the next day. Perhaps you are making savory empanadas for your Cinco de Mayo event, but reserve some of the pastry to make sweet ones too because they will be really popular, we promise you!

Caramel Apple Empanadas

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Cinco de Mayo 2016!


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