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Slow Cooking is Perfect Cooking

Although you might consider a comal or tortilla press to be essential in a Mexican kitchen, or at least more so than various other appliances you use, do not forget about the humble crockpot, because not only can this make Mexican cooking a breeze but it is also a wonderful way to perfect your dishes and bring all the flavors together really seamlessly. If you already have a crockpot you are ready to make some wonderful south of the border dishes in there, and that includes Mexican appetizers, side dishes and soup.

Ideal for Various Dishes

A crockpot is likely to come to mind when you are considering soup, and that is of course not just Mexican soup recipes but any soup, because of how well the flavors blend in there. Try our Mexican black bean soup or our chicken and wild rice soup if you want to use your slow cooker for soup, or consider making another dish.

Burritos also come out well in the slow cooker, regardless of what you put inside them, so if you normally make your burritos in the oven, try them in the crockpot. Cook the filling, roll them up, sprinkle some cheese on top and cook on low until the cheese is melted and the flavors are combined beautifully.

South of the Border Results from the Crockpot

Mexicans love to work with fresh ingredients and those always do well in the slow cooker because the lid seals in all the moisture and flavor, so you will not be losing any of the flavor of your fresh produce using this cooking method. Instead all that flavor combines wonderfully and the end dish is going to taste fresh and delicious.

Perhaps you want to keep your fajita filling warm and you can serve the beef strips, bell pepper and onion directly from the crockpot to keep them warm, or think about making a spicy black bean dip and serving that direct from the crockpot. It will stay warm without boiling dry or losing its flavor.

The crockpot is not always the cooking method of choice because if you want to make weekday recipes for a hungry family or a quick snack you will not want to have your food cooking so long, but if you are cooking something with flank or skirt steak and you want to tenderize it, or you wish to make a chili con carne, Mexican soup or something else which would benefit from the slow cooking process, choose the crockpot and the results will speak for themselves.


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