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How to Make Easy Mexican Dessert Recipes

It is true that Mexican dessert recipes are nowhere near as well known as savory Mexican recipes but that is no reason not to trying making some, especially when there are so many easy Mexican dessert recipes to begin with. Mexican dessert dishes include cookies, cakes, puddings, fruit dishes, custards and much more.

Fried Mexican Dessert Recipes

If you look back at the history of Mexican desserts, it is interesting to note that nothing was fried in Mexico until the Spanish introduced this cooking method. Some authentic Mexican dessert recipes were born when frying was introduced, including crema frita, which is a thick custard. It is sliced, rolled in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. Crema frita is served with honey.

Mexican fried ice cream is another example of a great fried Mexican dessert recipe. With this recipe, ice cream balls are rolled in a crispy mixture and deep-fried. Mexican fried ice cream is a really special dish that kids and adults all love. It is one of the most easy Mexican dessert recipes as well.

Baked Mexican Dessert Recipes

If you prefer to bake, there are many easy Mexican desserts that can be baked including Mexican wedding cookies and pastel de tres leches. Actually pastel de tres leches are a very impressive cake although it is not difficult at all to make. This traditional Mexican dessert uses three types of milk and it is topped with meringue and strawberries.

If you have made savory Mexican recipes, you can adjust some of these to make sweet Mexican desserts. A good example is empanadas. Maybe you have eaten or made chicken, beef, cheese, or vegetable empanadas before. You can also use sweet fillings to make dessert empanadas. Good fillings include fruit preserves, apples and cinnamon, chocolate or fruit and honey. Mexican dessert empanadas are nice served with cream or ice cream.

Atole de fresa, or strawberry dessert soup, is a great example of the versatility of Mexican cooking. This sweet soup is flavored with cinnamon, mint, strawberries and more and is a wonderfully refreshing dessert. It is unusual enough to make a great impression on your dinner guests too and it cleanses the palate after dinner.

Famous Mexican Desserts

Flan is one of the best-loved Mexican desserts and this dish is similar to crème caramel. It is not hard to make and flan has a unique and delicious flavor. There are also flan variations you can try, such as coffee flan, cinnamon apple flan or an orange custard flan recipe. In fact, the sky is the limit and Mexicans love to try new flavors with classic Mexican recipes.

You might want to try an easy Mexican cornbread recipe too. Although not technically one of our Mexican desserts, cornbread is wonderful served hot from the oven. Not everybody has a sweet tooth so Mexican cornbread served hot with cheese, butter, honey or syrup makes a beautiful after dinner treat.

Mexican people like to cook with plenty of gusto. They have fun while cooking and use the best ingredients they can find for maximum flavor. Mexican recipes are rich in fresh produce and that applies to Mexican dessert recipes as well as savory recipes so, where possible, use fresh fruit and good quality chocolate in your Mexican desserts and you will taste the difference.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best Mexican dessert recipes ever and happy cooking!

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