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Tasty Flan Mexican Dessert Recipes

Flan is one of the most famous authentic Mexican desserts there is and if you want to make a flan Mexican dessert recipe we have several delicious ones to try, including chocolate coconut flan and Mexican pumpkin flan. If you are new to making Mexican dessert dishes you might like to start off by making a classic Mexican flan recipe.

Flan is simple to make and you do not need a lot of equipment to make it. A silky smooth flan slips down extremely well after a hot and spicy Mexican dinner and this really is a beautiful Mexican dessert recipe, which takes a little practice but comes out wonderfully.

Flan is a Typical Mexican Delight

If you have already sampled some Mexican desserts, flan might well be the one that comes to mind first. This smooth, creamy dessert is typically Mexican and the flavor is always good, regardless of which flavor or style you opt for. Baked custard is available from the store but of course you are not going to get that fresh, home-baked flavor if you take the easy route. Instead, peruse our list of Mexican flan recipes and pick out whichever flavor you think is the most appealing. Stick with a classic vanilla flan or try a pumpkin, coconut or chocolate variety.

Flan is suitable after any kind main dish and you can either make a large one and cut it into wedges to serve or you can make individual ones, and serve the flan with whipped cream or garnish it with a sprig of fresh mint or some grated chocolate perhaps. There are all kinds of possibilities and you can make flan ahead too, so if you are preparing it for a dinner party you can make it earlier and then focus on the other dishes.

This recipe is also known as crème caramel. The caramel layer on top is soft and runny. The difference between flan (or crème caramel) and crème brûlée is that crème brûlée has a crispy topping not a soft one. The best flan recipes are those made from scratch. Although you can get ‘flan powder’ from the grocery store it is best to ignore those and instead get some eggs, sugar and the other flan ingredients you need to make this Mexican dish and make it yourself instead. The flavor will be much nicer.

This Mexican recipe is also served in other countries in Latin America as well as in European countries and even Asia. If you want something you can make ahead then flan is always a great recipe to choose. Everyone likes flan because it is simple yet delicious, and because it is a chilled dessert it is very refreshing in the summer.



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