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Mexican Cookies

Melt in the Mouth Mexican Cookies

There are lots of different Mexican cookie recipes to choose from but they all have one thing in common – Mexican cookies melt in the mouth. Mexicans know how to blend flavors cleverly and their cookie recipes prove this point. Delicate vanilla, nutmeg, chocolate or cinnamon flavored cookies can liven up an afternoon cup of coffee, fill a gap before lunch, or be part of your day in another way.

Vanilla nut Mexican fiesta balls, classic Mexican sugar cookies and anise flavored shortbread-like biscochitos are just some of the delicious cookie recipes we have for you to try and once you have tried Mexican cookies you will want to make them again and again.

Mexican Cookie Styles

Just as Mexican cakes vary, so do the cookies, and you can choose from crisp or chewy, from fruity, nutty or even spiced. Try a chocolate cookie with chili flakes in it or some cinnamon and nutmeg flavored cookies. Sandwich dulce de leche between a pair of cookies to make an Oreo-style treat, or delicate vanilla or citrus flavored ones. Cochinos, biscochitos and piloncillo cookies are very popular and you can also adapt the recipes, perhaps swapping vanilla extract for almond extract or piloncillo for white sugar. Little tweaks can often yield very tasty results.

Try making some churros and serving them with your hot chocolate or coffee at breakfast or how about chocolate cinnamon cookies as an after dinner treat? Cookies are good at any time and they appeal to everyone, from young to old alike. Because you are making them yourself you do not have to limit yourself to following the recipe by the letter either, and you can make changes, change the size or shape of the cookies or even prepare 2 different kinds at the same time.

Mexican wedding cookies are very popular and these are made of butter, sugar, flour and nuts, then rolled in powdered sugar. Their delicate texture means they start to crumble as soon as you take a bite and that is part of their charm. Russian tea cakes is another name for these, although walnuts are used in that version while pecans usually feature in the Mexican ones (and that is mainly down to how well they grow in the Mexican climate).

The next time you want to whip up a batch of cookies, consider making Mexican cookies because they are easy to prepare and the flavor is always great. A lot of the recipes do not call for many ingredients either so you probably have all, or at least most, of the ingredients to hand already. It is best to use butter and not margarine or any other substitutions, because butter gives a much better flavor and texture.



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