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Mexican Dessert Recipes

Making Other Mexican Dessert Recipes

What about trying your hand at some chocolate soufflés or Mexican chocolate mousse? Mexico did introduce chocolate to the rest of the world and Mexicans certainly know how to use this wonderful ingredient to flavor not only their Mexican dessert dishes but also their drinks and savory sauces.

Strawberry dessert soup is another unusual Mexican dessert if you want to make something light and refreshing or what about dessert empanadas? Mexico offers a huge variety of desserts so whatever you are in the mood for; you can find a Mexican recipe for it. No two Mexican desserts are alike so have fun and try plenty of different Mexican dessert recipes.

Choosing Which One to Make

Because there are so many types of Mexican desserts it can be hard to know which one to choose. Do you fancy cake or cookies, or are you in the mood for a traditional Mexican dessert like flan? Tortillas feature in various Mexican recipes too, such as fried ice cream or even dessert burritos or dessert tacos. You might like to adapt a recipe to personalize it and make it unique, so perhaps serve some homemade Mexican ice cream with a tres leches cake or some homemade cajeta with a Mexican chocolate mousse. There are plenty of possibilities to consider and there are desserts for everyone.

You might like to take some inspiration from typical Mexican recipes which often feature spices, and add some chili powder to your next chocolate-based recipe or some nutmeg, allspice or cinnamon to your next cookie recipe, to add a rich, aromatic, earthy touch. Piña colada mousse is an extra-special recipe for the summer and chilled desserts are always good when the sun is shining and the weather is hot. Frozen Mexican fruit popsicles will definitely cool you down.

Try a creamy Kahlua chocolate mousse if you wish to impress your guests at a dinner party, or even mixed berry soup with vanilla if you want something a bit lighter. You will find a lot of recipes featuring chocolate, vanilla and fruit, because those are Mexican staples. What is your favorite type of cake or your favorite cookies? You might like to consider that and then take a look at our recipes and see which one tempts you the most.

For sure, there are no desserts quite like Mexican ones and a lot of them boast robust and aromatic flavors. Mexican home cooks are not afraid of adding spices and rich flavors to their desserts, whether they are making cakes, cookies, mousse, flan or something else. Get creative in the kitchen and reach for those tasty, fresh and aromatic ingredients so you can make something typically Mexican.



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