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Traditional Mexican Desserts

The Best Traditional Mexican Desserts

The nicest Mexican dessert recipes are probably the truly authentic and traditional Mexican desserts, those dear to Mexican hearts. These are the Mexican dessert recipes, which have been passed down the generations because they are so good. Some traditional Mexican desserts have been improved and others are left exactly as they were because they simply cannot be made any more delicious.

Whether you fancy Mexican fried ice cream, sweet and delicious Mexican caramel candy or a creamy, cinnamon and vanilla scented cup of coffee, we have the best traditional Mexican desserts right here for you to recreate in the comfort of your own home.

Traditional Recipes are Often Best

Every cuisine has traditional dishes which are just as popular, or more popular, than newer dishes. Look at apple pie, for example. That could be classed as a traditional American dessert even though it originally came from Europe. Apple pie is something we all grew up with and mom or grandma might have made the best apple pie ever. Even though there are more modern desserts on the market, it is the classic ones we always turn to when we want comfort food, and that applies to Mexican recipes just as much as it does to American ones.

Empanadas have been around for many years and they come in many varieties. Of course you have beef, cheese and chicken ones, but fruit empanadas are also lovely and these make a great dessert or you can enjoy them for breakfast. Cajeta-filled empanadas are also nice and the dulce de leche filling is really rich and satisfying. If you are making empanadas it is just as easy to make some with cajeta and others with fruit or another sweet filling, so you can make a couple of different batches in more or less the same amount of time.

Mexican fried ice cream often appears on Mexican menus and if you have wondered about making your own version, now you can, because we have a recipe for traditional fried ice cream. Sugar apples, chocolate pie and caramel candy are other options and these recipes seem to have been around forever. Perfect recipes do not need to be changed at all and that is why classic recipes stand the test of time – because they are delicious just the way they are.

Some Mexican desserts date back to Aztec and Inca times, or at least they are related to the original recipe, so you might want to take inspiration from these classics and recreate a delicious traditional Mexican dessert for your family to enjoy. Feel free to mix and match the recipes. If you are catering for a large get-together you might want to make 2, or even 3, different traditional recipes.



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