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Traditional Mexican recipes bear very little resemblance to the typical fast food fare. In fact, an original recipe is likely to be healthy and made with fresh produce and traditional ingredients, which is the opposite to most fast food dishes. South of the border food recipe can vary from mild to spicy, from aromatic to full-flavored and from light and refreshing to heavy and rich. There are lots of recipe ideas available if you are looking for menu inspiration, and most of them are simple to make and the ingredients are widely available. Some dishes can be slow-cooked in a crockpot and the flavors come out really intense then.

Choosing Which One to Make

Maybe you would like to make a classic, well-known dish such as burritos, tacos, or enchiladas, or how about something a little different like a south of the border style beef pizza, a pork sirloin roast with black beans or even char-grilled polenta with eggplant? There are ideas for any occasion and for every palate. Whether you want to please your family with a new dish or make something for a potluck supper, choose something which fits in with your level of cooking experience, and the ingredients available to you and you will not go wrong.

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hi, I'm Christine, and I'm pleased to welcome you to I have endeavored to gather as many delicious South of the border recipes here for you, including Mexican-inspired as well as traditional Mexican, and also some Tex-Mex and Mexican fusion dishes. Food is very important to our family's lives and Mexican food is certainly a favorite around here.

We have everything from appetizers and snacks to soups, drinks, entrées, and much more. You will find everything from mild dishes to super-spicy ones, simple recipes based on fresh ingredients up to more complex ones suitable for a dinner party.

Home cooks just starting out with Mexican cooking tend to be surprised how much of the emphasis is placed on using fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices. Forget the typical ideas about Mexican food being all beans, cheese and beef (that applies a little more to Tex-Mex), take inspiration from authentic Mexican dishes based on fresh ingredients, and inject all your passion into cooking South of the border food, for perfect results every time.

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