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alfajores de maizena

Chocolate Covered Alfajores with Cajeta

These alfajores de maizena are really popular all over Spain, South America, and Mexico. They are two round cookies sandwiched together with jam or cajeta (caramel) and then dusted with powdered sugar. Alfajores have been enjoyed since the 1800s in South American but they can be traced back to the Arab world. The word “alfajor” is similar to the Arabic word for fancy or great.

Peruvian alfajores are often coated in powdered sugar and Mexican ones are rolled in coconut. In the Canary Islands and Nicaragua, alfajores tend to contain various grains including corn and they are flavored with molasses. There is a dessert called alfajor in Cadiz, Spain, which is nothing like this recipe. In that region, the alfajores are made with honey, flour, cinnamon, and almonds and sold around Christmas.

In the following alfajores recipe, cajeta-filled cookies are rolled in coconut, and coated in chocolate. Coating these Mexican cookies in chocolate makes them extra special. Alfajores are popular with kids and adults and they are one of the most delicious examples of typical Mexican baking. The lemon and vanilla scented cookies are sandwiched together with gooey caramel and then rolled in coconut. The chocolate coating goes beautifully with the other ingredients and these cookies are great with a hot or cold drink, served after dinner as a special treat. Continue reading

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