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arroz verde

Mexican Green Rice Recipe with Poblano And Onion

Green rice (or arroz verde in Spanish) is not a dish which you are likely to see all that often in a restaurant, even in a Mexican eatery. However, once you try preparing this arroz verde recipe at home, it may become one which is often seen in your own kitchen or dining room.

The rice becomes green by being cooked along with fresh spinach (which is actually a very popular vegetable in Mexican cuisine) and cilantro, which lend their wonderfully fresh flavors to the rice as well as their bright green color.

The combination of spinach, cilantro, onion, and tender rice cooked in chicken stock (or vegetable stock if you would prefer a vegetarian version of this arroz verde recipe) is a wonderful one. Whether on its own as a side dish or as a bed for other vegetable or meat dishes served on top, it’s a classic rice recipe which is easy to make and even easier to love. Continue reading