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easy recipe for picaditas

Authentic Mexican Picaditas

Picaditas are popular all over Mexico and they are very simple to make. Basically a picadita is just a small tortilla made from raw masa dough. Other names for them include memelitas, gorditas, sopes and guaraches. Melted pork lard is often drizzled over the top, followed by salsa and crumbled cheese, but there are all kinds of toppings you can choose from. Perhaps you live near a Mexican store where they sell raw masa, in which case you can just form it into flat shapes and cook them on a comal (or griddle pan) until done.

A comal is a round, flat, heavy duty pan which can be used for many different Mexican dishes. Lightweight, modern cooking pots and pans are all very well, but they do not offer any additional flavor from the cooking surface. Also, nonstick pans tend to scratch or chip while comals are supposed to last for life. If you do not have one, you might wish to invest in one, else you can just use a nonstick pan for now. The flavor will be better if you do use the comal though.

The following recipe shows you how to create, shape and cook the picaditas, and suggests some nice toppings for them. We are using bacon, sour cream, salsa and queso fresco (a crumbly white cheese) but you can experiment if you wish. Perhaps you have some leftover shrimp or chicken, and you can add that instead of the bacon if you prefer, or use your imagination and think of a sweet topping instead of a savory one. Continue reading