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mexican roast turkey

Roast Turkey with Mexican Hawthorn and Potato Stuffing

The typical American whose only exposure to Mexican food is through fast food chains or if they’re lucky, a local taqueria probably wouldn’t know it, but turkey is an important part of Mexican cuisine. Native to the Americas, these birds were one of the staples of Mexican cooking before the arrival of Europeans and they continue to be popular to this day.

There are a great many different Mexican turkey recipes, from tacos to soups, salads to casseroles – and of course, roast turkey recipes like this one. This is a recipe similar to what you might see served in northern Mexico (especially the state of Chihuahua) around the holidays.

There is one ingredient here which may not be terribly easy for American cooks to find – tejocote. This is the crabapple-like fruit of a tree in the hawthorn family (often called Mexican hawthorn). Until recently, the fruit was almost entirely unavailable in the US, but has now begun to be imported legally after years of being one of the most commonly smuggled items at the US-Mexico border. If you cannot find it, Granny Smith apple could be substituted, though the flavor is significantly different. Continue reading

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